From Ex-Wife to Extraordinary Life



  Support group for women in the process of leaving a relationship


Topics Addressed:

·          Grief/Loss ▪ Finding Your Voice ▪ Stress Management

·          Financial Issues ▪ Advocating For Yourself ▪ Self Care/Personal Wellness

·          Parenting/Family ▪ Developing a Support System ▪ Assertiveness

·          Dating /Relationships ▪ Depression/Anxiety ▪ Communication Skills

·          Goal Setting ▪ Career Exploration ▪ Matrixx Assessment

Patricia Smith, Ed.S., LPC has been a counselor, educator and workshop facilitator for over 20 years. She specializes in life transitions, women’s issues, relationships and wellness. She will share information and facilitate personal growth, connections and support with warmth and caring.
Group meets on Tuesday evenings, from 6-7:30.  Each session is $10. Location will be 118 S. Dixie, Cookeville, TN. Please contact Patricia Smith (931) 520-4889 to obtain more information.

There will be an initial coaching session to determine if the group will meet your needs or if a referral would be appropriate. For more information call 931-520-4889 or

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Coping with the winds and clouds that can create storms in your life!
Calming the Inner Storms

Support Group for Women


Topics Addressed:

·          Grief/Loss ▪ Finding Your Voice ▪ Stress Management

·          Financial Issues ▪ Advocating For Yourself ▪ Building Self-Esteem

·          Life Experiences ▪ Developing a Support System ▪ Assertiveness

·          Relationships ▪ Depression/Anxiety/Anger ▪ Communication Skills

·          Dealing with Change ▪ Career Exploration ▪ Matrixx Assessment


Are there times when you feel unsettled? Many of us do. This bimonthly meeting helps us understand that we have lots of hope to make it through our lives. This group setting supports us on our journey. Our group work leads to insight and to change when we are ready for it. We can trust that we will see only what we are truly ready to face, therefore, a loving balance of support and encouragement is maintained by all.
Life is very difficult therefore when we are afraid to make change and do it anyway, we are true heroines!
Come and join others that are searching , struggling, laughing, and making transformation together. 
Meetings are held the Second and Fourth Saturday of every month, 900 am-10:30 am. Each session is $10. JOIN NOW!

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