Chaperone Training Program

Training is available for persons who are interested in becoming approved chaperones for family members or friends who are not allowed unsupervised contact with minors.  The chaperone is an individual identified as providing supervision for a sexual offender when he/she is in the presence of a minor child.  The training program provides general information about sexual offenders and the dynamics of sexual offending, as well as specific information about the individual who is to be chaperoned.  The participants learn about the rules and laws regarding appropriate/healthy and criminal sexual conduct.  Program participants gain an understanding of cognitive distortions, offender techniques for grooming victims, the concepts of "red flags", at-risk situations, reoffense prevention plans and probation agreements.  Those who successfully complete the chaperone program will understand how to effectively monitor the offender's compliance with all conditions of probation regarding supervised contact with minors

  • Class Length:           7-8 hours
  • Class Location:        Rm #7, 118 S. Dixie Avenue, Cookeville, TN
  • Class Cost:              $100.00 per participant 
  • Class dates:             Please check calendar monthly for dates
  • Payment type:          Cash/Check/Money Order/PayPal (credit card)

 Each individual must complete a chaperone application.  Please call PLS RESOURCES to request these applications.  To register or pay for a class, you may do so on this page (see below) or on the Calendar Page.  If you wish to pay by credit card, you can do so using PayPal below.  PayPal is a secure method to pay for servics.  If you don't have a PayPal account you can use their guest services.

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Next Class Scheduled:  TO BE ANNOUNCED:

* Program Discounts are available for offenders who have multiple family members/friends attending the Chaperone Training!  Please ask PLS RESOURCES regarding this discount!

If you have any further question please contact me at 931-644-3147. 

**** PLS RESOURCES reserves the right to cancel the scheduled program if minimum class size is not met.  There must be a minimum of 5 class participants enrolled before the class will meet as scheduled.  Call 931-644-3147 to see if the class will meet. 




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